Affect Vs Effect What Is The Difference

There is a bundle of English words that people get confused about. The list of these words goes a long way and Affect and Effect are the two major parts of it. To make the difference very clear in easy terms, let’s clear it out that affect lies in the verb category and effect in the noun. Both these words, if used together, are solely dependent on each other. An interesting fact that many of us will agree to is that not only kids or beginners but professionals also get confused between these two words at times.

Making the basics of the two words clearly, I am going forward to explain the right use of both words. You may have thought of how to use these in your content effectively or maybe effectively? Surprisingly you can use both here as both are Grammar correct.

The Grammatically Correct Way Of Using Effect And Affect:

As already defined both lie in different categories as per the grammar. To understand whether to use effect or affect have a look at the example below:

If Alex affects John, the action of Alex will effect the experience of John.

Similarly, if Alex opens the window, Alex affect John as he is standing near the window. John being cold due to the wind coming from the window is the effect of Alex’s action.

Both these words are similar in sound and somehow similar in use but have a different place when it comes to speech. There are so many words out there that are the same as affect and effect and are pronounced as homophones. To pick up the right word at the right time, it is necessary to know the difference and rules. You are well aware of the difference now and it’s times we dig deep into the rules.

The Right Use Of Affect And Effect:

To understand the right use, the first and the most crucial step is to understand the meaning. Affect implies to impact or to modify something. On the other hand, Effect means the outcomes of the changes.

Examples Of Effect And Affect:

Let’s start with Affect and look at its examples:

Example No 1:

Everything around the world is affected by gravity. The effect of gravity depends upon two factors that are mass of the object and distance of the object.

Example No 2:

At the weakest point of John’s life, I could not do something. All I could do was to stand and see him cry and all the people who got affected because of his cries.

Now it’s time to dig deep into the example of the effect:

Example No 1:

The effect of the earthquake is destroying. Mr. Johns is facing the worst effect of the earthquake as he has lost his wife and house.

Example No 2:

Take care of yourself as there are so many side effects of using too many antibiotics.

Example No 3: 

The brutal behavior of Alex towards Johns effected him so badly that he has taken it on his mind and now he is suffering from serious depression and anxiety.

It is the way how you can easily use effect or affect effectively in your content.