How Do You Count Characters In The Text?

It does not matter if you are writing an essay, paragraph, or article, you always have to keep track of all the character counts to know that you are not writing less than the limit or more than it.

Wherever you write a text there is a number of words or text being counted. There are different platforms where you can check the character count

Different Platforms for Character Count:

Character Count on Word:

On MS word you can count the characters by looking at the left bottom of the screen, and you can also separately check the texts on the review page.

You can download character counters for checking the character count for example word counter, Chinese character counter, and letter counters.

MS word does not need any specific app for you to download, because it has the functions already present in it and it shows all the words and the character counts so that you do not have to face any difficulty.

You can not only check the character count of the whole text, but you can also check the count for specific words by selecting the text that you want to count characters of.

Character Counter Twitter:

We know that when we are using different apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter we have to keep the character count under consideration.

When it comes to Twitter, we know that there is a character limit on Twitter, and you cannot exceed that no matter how much you try.

You have to keep your word and paragraphs short and limited because if you exceed the limit it does not allow you to write more,

When it comes to writing on Twitter, when you are typing the text it will show the number of words that you are writing on the top corner where you can see the words that you have used.

Character Count on Excel:

Just like any other application, you have to write in excel too and you also have to keep in mind the words or the characters that you are using because that is exactly what the point is.

When you are given the task of writing some specific number of words, you know that you have to constantly look for that because you cannot cross the limit.

When you are using excel for your work, you have to use the LEN function to check the character count. It does not only count characters, but it also counts numbers, and it also counts characters with spaces so, it is definitely one of the best character counters that are being used.

You can find the LEN function in the formula bar, and you can easily count the characters in there with its help.

These are all different types of platforms where you need to check the word limit because on excel and MS word you are definitely doing the work that you cannot mess and on Twitter you have a given text limit so it needs to be kept under consideration too.