How Many Characters In A Tweet

Most people love to use different social media platforms to express their feelings, and emotions and to be aware of the latest ongoing trends. But, most people love to use is Twitter as it captures the wider network of the audience and the best platform to be aware of the ongoing conditions and trends. Most of the researchers have also claimed that Twitter is a place for briefer thoughts where people love to post different blog posts, feelings, or what is the latest trend going on.

Twitter Has Increased Its Character Count Limit:

Recently, Twitter updated its character limit of a tweet up to 280 characters, it was 140 characters in a tweet. Most of the people were complaining about the 140 characters limit as they were unable to share their blog posts or tweets perfectly and briefly.

Engagements Of Shorter And Longer Tweets:

Following up on the latest data released about Twitter, only 1% of the tweets are reaching up to 280 character limit and around 12% of the tweets are just more than 140 characters in a tweet. Only 5% of the audience is using more than 190 characters in their tweets. However, Twitter was immensely trolled by its users for keeping its character limit too short, and when it doubled its character limit; most of people are not using it. The most common length that was allowed for a tweet back was 140 characters that were around 34 characters. The tweet length is now increased to 280 characters but most of the tweets are still 33 characters long.. Twitter also witnessed the effect of making twice as much the characters count in terms of people’s writing styles. Twitter then noticed that people are now using fewer abbreviations than before. Words like “u”, “ur” and “gr8” are now not used as before and people are using proper words. It is also observed that people now use more thank you and please words at the end of tweets due to increased length. The use of these words has increased by around 54% and 23% respectively. Twitter has also found out that the use of question marks in the tweet has increased by 30%. The other interesting thing is that these tweets are getting more replies and answers.

Ideal Character Length Of The Tweet:

The ideal character length of the tweet is 71 to 100 characters. It is because people love to read short tweets and blog posts as these are easy to read. Moreover, tweets with 71 to 100 characters have a strong post engagement with the audience and therefore up to 70% of the tweets are of this ideal length.

Final Thoughts:

Most of the audience on Twitter loves to read short blog posts and tweets because everyone is nowadays short of time and cannot read long posts the whole day. So, try to keep your tweets shorter to the ideal length and use the Twitter character count tool to check the length of your tweets as short-length tweets have better engagement and a wider audience.