How Many Pages Are 2000 Words

Before digging deep into the topic, let’s see if you know about the documents that contain 2000 words. Don’t you know it? Let me make it clear to you. Many documents generally contain 2000 words in total. These documents have special formats. Essays and manuals are the two most common types of content or documents that have a word count equal to 2000. You can also add a long blog post to this category. Now the tangling factor in writing 2000 words is the pages it will cover. It’s a digital world and the page we are talking about is the word file. If you want to know how many pages are 2000 handwritten words, you need to explore more. For now, let’s see that if you write around 2000 words, how many pages you will cover in the word document?

Pages For 2000 Words:

Many factors affect the answer to this question. Let us have a look at these factors

Single Spaced:

If a word document has 2000 words and is single-spaced, it will cover 4 pages of the Word document.

Double Spaced:

A word document will cover a total of 8 pages with 2000 words in the double-spaced format.

As defined above, different factors affect the page count. In all these margins, find the size, and font style is one that you cannot miss considering:

Single Space With 1 Margin And 12pt:

If you choose to create a 2000-word document that is single-spaced with 1 margin and 12 pt font size, then the pages it will have will be four in number.

Double Spaced With 1 Margin And 12 Ppt:

Similarly, if you choose to create a 2000-word document that is single-spaced with 1 margin and 12 pt font size, then the pages it will have will be eight in number.

Font Style:

No of the pages per 2000 words will be altered with every font size. For example, the number of pages for times new roman will be different than other font sizes available.

Pages Per Word:

You may still have something bothering you while understanding the page count per 2000 words. So for this purpose let’s see the pages per word of different word counts

  • 250 words in a word document make up half a page when single-spaced and 1 page when double space.
  • A word document will have 2/3 pages one 1 and 1/3 with single-spaced and double-spaced.
  • In a word, 1000 words will have 2 pages and 4 pages if styled as single-spaced or double-spaced.
  • Similarly, 2000 words of a word document will consist of 4 pages or 8 pages while keeping it single-spaced or double-spaced.

Wrapping Up:

Calculating the exact amount of pages for a certain amount of words is not easy as the answer varies with thousands of factors. People usually confuse 2000 words with 2000 characters but I hope the blog helped you clear the difference. Now you can have a rough estimate of the number of pages you will have after creating a word file of 2000 words.