How Many Paragraphs Are In An Essay?

It is not compulsory to have a specific number of paragraphs in an essay. However, there should be at least three paragraphs to write an impressive essay. Sometimes you will be asked to write five paragraphs in an essay. You can go with that, but still, that is not a rule to stick to it. Considering at least three paragraphs in an essay, you can introduce your topic in the first paragraph, then you can explain it in the next paragraph, after which you can conclude your topic in the last paragraph.

How Long Is Each Part Of An Essay?

Generally, the main body of the essay takes a longer space. It is the part where you usually have arguments about your topic, develop evidence regarding the topic, and propose different ideas. On the other hand, the introductory part of the essay depends upon the length of the essay. In an essay of about 3000 words or less than it, the introduction has a single paragraph. Whereas, in essays longer than 3000 words or having a complex topic of discussion, you can have the background history or might be introducing the arguments on your topic. It could take your introductory part to two or more paragraphs.

At last, there should be a concluding part of your essay that should not exceed a single paragraph. Whether it is a short essay or a longer essay, you don’t need to summarize every single line of the essay. You only need to wrap up your ideas in a convincing way.

Don’t Forget The Purpose Of The Paragraph:

Sometimes the writer starts describing the topic in such detail that gradually he/she just left the limit behind and starts writing extra content in it. It should be avoided by sticking to the topic and discussing it to the point. You can make subheadings in a paragraph. It will allow you to make your work easier and also it will be more helpful for the reader to understand the point you are trying to discuss.

A number Of Paragraphs To Write:

Given below are some of the estimations that are made according to the rule of thumb. The estimations show how many numbers of paragraphs should be written in different lengths of an essay.

  • 3 paragraphs for an essay of 100-500 words. It should be the minimum number of paragraphs in an essay.
  • 3 to 4 paragraphs for an essay of about 600 words.
  • 4 to 5 paragraphs for a 700 words essay.
  • 5 to 6 paragraphs for 800 words essay.
  • A 900-word essay can have 6 paragraphs.
  • 7 paragraphs for an essay of 1000 words.

And this is how the estimation goes on. Apart from it, many other factors should be kept in mind to determine what number of paragraphs your essay should have. However, the actual thing that you should keep in mind is that number of paragraphs or how many words are in a paragraph is not that important. What matters is the approach, the way you develop your essay, and how you organize it.