How Many Words Per Page?

Word count is a part of everyone’s life whether you are a professional or a student. There are many professional and educational tasks that require you to understand how many words are there on a page. However, the word per page varies according to the task as each task may have different word limits and restrictions. For example, the words per page for a student’s assignment, speech, novel, etc would be different. The words per page basically vary because of the variation in the factors including font style, font size, margins, etc. The words per page for a student assignment are already discussed. In this blog, we will have a look at the word per page for publishing and novel.

Words Per Page Of Publishing:

When we talk about the word per page for a professional then it is quite different from the student’s assignment. As in the professional field words per page depending upon how it will be published and come out as a final copy. The common font size and font type are also different for publishing. Garamond and Calibri are the most commonly used font size for publishing whereas many people also use other font styles as well depending upon the requirement. The font size is commonly used by publishing between 10pt to 14pt. Else then these, the page per count is also affected by the following factors

  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Spacing
  • Reading level
  • Pictures

Word Count Of A Novel Page:

The answers about the words per page of a novel vary according to the type of novel. If you are writing a novel for children, it probably consists of fewer words and more pictures. But a novel for an adult will have more words per page as compared to a kid’s novel. Similarly, the word per page of a manuscript also varies. A double-spaced manuscript approximately consists of 250-300 words and if it is in APA format that means single-spaced the word per age will be 600. The final printout of the novel may vary in terms of word per page.

Final Words:

No one can exactly give an exact answer to the question that how many words are there per page. As the word count per page depends upon several different factors that can vary from person to person.Whereas keeping some of the standards we have defined the factors and words per page of publishing and novel. If you are into writing novels or publishing then this blog will be very helpful and informative for you. You can use a variety of tools to help you count your words in a document. Among these tools, Character Counter is the easiest and most popular tool that is widely used by people. You can easily check the word and character count of all your documents and novels etc as it does not have any word limit and provide you results within the blink of an eye. Make your life easy and document perfect in terms of word count by using this tool.