The Ideal Characters Length Of Twitter And Facebook

Nowadays writing content and blogs has been a sensation for everybody and people love to write about social affairs and trendy topics to gain more and more traffic to their platform and receive appreciation from them. In the case of writing blogs on social media platforms, many people have a question in their mind that “what is the ideal character length?” it is also addressed by several channels but people still find it a complex question.

Most of the platforms have defined character limit for writing blogs or posts, but the ideal character length is particularly less than that defined limit. Your post should be catchy and to the point and people should not feel bored while reading your content. You should write attractive and short so that everybody read it because people do not like reading long stories or contents as they are short of time in their busy routines and life. The characters limit and ideal character length for posts on your blog on Facebook and Twitter are as follows:

The length And Character Count of Facebook:

Status Updates:

The character limit for the status on Facebook that is defined is 63, 206 characters and you will be amazed that it is very far from the ideal length. A prominent social media manager Chelsea Hunersen said: “the social gurus use 40 characters for status updates”.

Post Description:

Facebook is the most common social media platform that is used by many people.The Facebook post allows you to write up to 63206 characters but it’s obvious that no one will give a read to such a long post To make their description engaging yet short many people want to know the ideal character length of the Facebook post description for their post.So the ideal post description of Facebook should be between 100 to 250 characters that will be short yet engaging..

The Twitter Character Limit:


The people everywhere were happy when twitter eventually eased up on twitter character count for media such as videos, images, quoted tweets, and the polls. The character count for twitter was 140 characters but recently it has doubled its limit to 280. Social media scientist “Dan Zarella” has stated that the ideal length for the tweets is 120 to 130 characters and it has the highest click-through rate (CTR).


The same character limit of tweet goes for the hashtags and they can be technical of any length up to 140 characters. People like to accompany the hashtag with the other copy. Short hashtags are always been preferred and are better. Your hashtags should be containing 11 characters or even shorter than that if you can. You should be using one or two hashtags in a single tweet and not go more than that. The research says that the tweets with hashtags have double engagement as of tweets without hashtags. The tweets with one or two hash tags have 21 percent more engagement than tweets with more than two hashtags.