To Whom It May Concern

There are so many different ways in which you must have heard about the phrase to whom it may concern.

It is mostly used in the letters that are given to people when they are joining a job or leaving for any reason, and their company gives them the letter with the heading that states to whom it may concern.

Companies most often use this phrase for people when they do not know what the name of the person is, and they just generally state this phrase.

Whether you are writing a physical letter or sending an email, you can use this phrase very conveniently to call out the person you want to.

For instance, when you are writing a cover letter, and you are not really sure who is the person that is going to receive the letter, you use this phrase to call them.

Even though we can look for anything from letter count to the names of different people, and it has become very easy to just find all these things because of the advancement in technology, you can still use this technique so that you do not call people with their wrong names.

When Can We Use This Phrase:

The phrase ‘to whom it may concern is not just bound to be used on some special occasions or in just business meetings but can be used at many different places that we will mention down below.

To Show The Other Person You Respect Them:

This statement can easily be used when trying to show the other person that you respect their presence.

You can use this term when you are sending a letter to the person, but you are not sure enough what exactly their address is or what their name is.

Rather than using the wrong name, it will always be more respectful, and the other person will feel like the person sending the letter is an educated and ethical human being.

You Look Dignified:

Yes, we are sure that you must have heard at different places that this term ‘to whom it may concern has grown old and now it does not even look very fashionable to call people with this but wait, you might also be wrong.

All of us need to understand that it is not always important that you are politically correct, but sometimes you should just look at what sounds respectful and what does not.

There are situations when you do not have any idea that the person you are calling prefers to be called him, her, they, or them, so rather than taking a risk and hurting their feeling, you can just use this phrase.

Some Useful Tips:

Whenever you are going to write a letter to the applicant, you should always see if they have mentioned their name; if yes, you should call them with their name.

Always look deeper into the condition that you will use this phrase to save yourself and the other person from inconvenience.