What Is The Ideal Blog Post Length For SEO?


When we discuss blogging, the one question that almost rises up in everyone’s mind is the length of blog posts for SEO. The length of the blog post depends on various factors that include user engagement and value. There are a number of considerations that are to be considered while discussing the ideal length of a blog post having several benefits and drawbacks varying on different aspects.

Does The Length Of The Blog Post Affect SEO?

According to recent research, if you want to perform and rank well in the search engine then your content must be containing at least a word count of 300 words. This is because the search engines need to recognize the minimum word count of 300 words for the blog posts. This content of a minimum of 300 words will help you use your targeted keywords and SEO to optimize your content in different aspects.  However, according to the research, blog posts of 100 words are likely to rank higher than others in the search engine. The ranking depends on various factors. According to Forbes, content containing more than 1500 words is 68% more likely to be shared on different social media platforms. Longer posts are difficult to write and are majorly ignored by the readers as they prefer short content for reading.

Pros And Cons For Writing A Short Blog Post:

  • Pros:

It is much easier to create and update on a daily basis as it is easy to optimize. Most of the audience prefers to read the shorter blog post because it has more engagement. A short blog post assists in converting the readers into potential buyers. It also helps in convincing people to take a particular product service.

  • Cons:

The major argument that can be made for shorter blog posts is fewer keywords ranking opportunities in fewer words. The content cannot be engaging enough to talk with readers at their level of understanding.

Pros And Cons For Writing Longer Blog Posts:

  • Pros:

If you are writing a longer blog post, you are having more chances and opportunities for keywords ranking that will help you gain more traffic and rank well in search engines. Moreover, search engines nicely understand the intent and context of your content. Longer blog posts have better overall SEO performance because it gives more detailed information about your content.

  • Cons:

The major drawback of writing a longer blog post is that there are more chances that the reader loses his attention and the content engagement is damaged. Writers often demand a premium price for writing longer posts as it needs more attention, focus, time, energy, and effort. Moreover, you need strong writing skills to keep your readers engaged until the end of your content.

What Should Be The Appropriate Blog Post Length For SEO:

The SEO results are highly affected by the length of the blog post. Both long blog posts and short blog posts have some advantages and disadvantages over each other. If you want to create regular content on a wide variety of topics then you should choose the ideal length of  500 words per page. Moreover, if you want to create content to boost your SEO and enhance user engagement then you must go with the ideal length of the word count of 1000+ words.