Word & Character Counter

Word Counter with No Word Limit:

Character Counter offers an interesting feature that allows you to check the unlimited number of words and characters instantly and easily. There is no limit to words and characters at all. For the person writing the text whether it is to be used as Google ads, website, or as Meta description, it is easy to check the total words and set it according to the requirements.

Moreover, it is very easy to use the tool in simple steps and produces the results of your text within the blink of an eye. As it is free to use, you can use it as many times as you want without paying anything. It provides you with the facility to check different files. You are not bound to check only the Microsoft word file, Excel sheet, and Google docs documents, but you can also check the text of social media posts. With the Twitter character counter, you can check the characters limit of the tweets as well.

Significance of Character Counter:

It is very valuable as every type of writing has a certain limit. So if you write eBooks, blogs, or any other document, it is very essential to know the word count and maintain it according to the given value. Not only writing, there are platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. that also have a character limit. It is essential to write according to the character limit to keep it within the range. Let us have a look at the limit of different platforms:

Twitter: Twitter’s character limit is up to 280 characters. You can check it using the Twitter character counter.

Facebook: The character length for a Facebook post is 63,206 maximum and for post, description is 250.

Instagram: The character length for the Instagram caption is 2200.

So it is significant to keep their text within the prescribed value of words and characters.

How to Operate a Word Counter:

Checking the word count of your content by counting each word can be a hard path to go with. The tool makes counting very simple for all users. The process includes a simple step of entering the content into the box and getting the result at the top of the website. A similar procedure can be used to check the count of characters in any text.